About Wyckoff


Wyckoff Trading Blueprint by SmartSaham Academy is an integrated method embedding investment and trading philoshopy, principle, rules, thought process into a solid decision making system.

Starting from screening and filtering potential stocks, then building your own watchlist.

Then conducting Fundamental Analysis. Need to learn and familiarise with a few financial jargons.

Then Financial Statement Analysis. A few critical factors from Forensic Accounting point of view.

Then Fundamental Valuation. Since this is very hard and messy topic, we will go the easy way, reverse engineering way. We will look at Licensed Analyst report and first and foremost, understand how they come out with that valuation. We are not trying to calculate our own valuation, as the odd of discrepancies should be very high.

I scored top of the class during my master in RAM certification, not to mention all advanced finance subjects. And also pass Fund Management SIDC years ago. My point is, it is not easy for a layman to grasp full knowledge in doing valuation. I came from non finance background, and i knew how difficult that is. Hence the wisdom to understand will be from my experience, from zero to hero.

Then, you will learn another facet of investment analysis, which is Technical Analysis. Technical Analysis topic is in formal module of any financial analysis, i know this because i teach Investment Module in professional certification module.

First you will learn Basic TA theory and Basic Charting Skills. Support and Resistance, Trendline, Moving Averages, Technical Indicators & Oscillators. And understand signals and setup based on indicators. Normal stock class will focus on this, and only this. Basically the result of this step is, you can somehow interprete what is happening to the chart. Bullish bearish uptrend downtrend yadda yadda.

The next step in TA is forecasting and predicting. While it is not easy, it cannot be sidelined either. As a trader you need to do it somehow, to build your expectation hence planning and risk management. Here comes the Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, Gann Analysis, to name a few.

You will be ok if you stop there, but for me, there is something more important needs to be taken into. It is the Behavioural Finance. While i dont indulge in explaining academic theory; investment and the market are the result of human action and behaviour. This behavioural pattern and analysis is covered in Wyckoff Method. It was after learning Wyckoff did i actually has the understanding how the financial market actually worked. Supply and Demand, need to be understood deeper than just the phrase.

During this Wyckoff Method i will introduce my combination rules or SOP in selecting best stocks to put in watchlist and analysis. (Not a buy call, but rather taking analyst buy call is part of the procedure).

Last part of the course is about Day Trading or Short Term trading. I will share the pro and cons of doing day trading. I do not recommend retailers to become intraday traders, as it require many preparation in term of skills, mental, and capital. And also as normal retailers, it is a disadvantage situation everytime. We are not Proprietary Day Traders, which require license. We are just normal average Joe who trade and invest to grow our wealth.

On the summary part, the most important of all, the key factor of success of trading and investing is Money Management, Portfolio Management, Risk Management.

So i actually told the the real things of what is, what will, what was in The SmartSaham Wyckoff Trading Blueprint.

This course has been fully booked (due to its limited seat capacity) up to October.

Meanwhile you can join online first, before attending the physical one later.

Hope that helps and clarify things.

Yours truly
Alwi Adam.